Favorite NON-fiction  

Tue Jan 28 11:56:03 PST 2003

 --- "H. T." <electrictwilight at hotmail.com> wrote: 
> Focusing simply on plagiarism, it's not like you could take SKZB's
> works or 
> ideas, mix a little Grisham in there and steal a little old Orwell
> and 
> create a book that is not original and/or unique... Emmm, (I am
> thinking a 
> fantastic, lawyerly, political, space opera? With talking animals of 
> course...). Beside it's lack of ethical standards, you'd probably get
> sued 
> for plagiarism as well as a multitude of other things... :)

That would be Uplift by David Brin, yes?



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