Double Helixes and Double Crosses (was: Favorite NON-fiction)

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 28 13:12:47 PST 2003

> Are you really arguing against scientific method????? Or are you railing 
> against all established authority?
> If you have a *better* way of doing research than- Come up with a theory, 
> test the theory, revise the theory based on the tests,  I'd love to hear it. 
> I'm positive the world would love to hear it. In fact, you are guaranteed a 
> Nobel Prize. 

Most certainly not!  I was arguing the way in which it is
taught, not the method itself.  It's been stated by others
here that the Scientific Method, as taught in grade and
high school, is not the only way of testing theories.  As
it is not the only way, it should be explained in school that
it is not the only way.  Sure, use that method.  Teach it
in school.  But don't limit the understanding to one when
there is more than one.

Are you saying that the Scientific Method, as detailed by
someone else on this list earlier today, is the ONLY method?

As for railing against established authority: always (or, at
any rate, mostly:).  Authority usualy promotes stagnation, which
limits evolution of ideas, limits change.  When change in the
universe is put to a halt by humankind, disasters are bound to
occur.  (To my way of thinking authority does not like to give
up it's authority, and so tries to limit change.  I'm reminded
of Parenti's Second Law of Politics:  When change threatens to
rule, then the rules are changed.)

Chris (Who fears he may be making a couple of adversaries on the
list today... Oops...;)