Double Helixes and Double Crosses (was: Favorite NON-fiction)

Michele Riccio mr1 at rcosta.com
Tue Jan 28 14:16:57 PST 2003

On 28 Jan 2003 at 14:01, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote

(snip)) it's better to explain that
> we're giving an overview, or a simplification, then to
> explain something as fact and then later say that you have
> to alter the fact, or add to it.  As a kid, it bugged the
> hell out of me (and, in fact, instilled in me a distrust of
> adults and what they said that's carried over into my adult
> life.  'Course, I'm paranoid, so...:).

Oh good.  It's not jut me then.  

I finally got so fed up with the yearly variations on "what you leaned 
before isn't true - but THIS is" that I gave up and went to a hippie 
crunchy granola college (terms I use with some degree of affection), 
and studied taxidermy.  At least no one could tell me what I had 
learned before wasn't the "full truth" of museum preparation.

If nothing else, going to school in Maine gave me lots of long winter 
nights, perfect for curling up (metaphorically) with Vlad & company.


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