slightly OT MNDungeon related

Tue Jan 28 15:20:10 PST 2003

At 06:25 PM 1/27/2003 -0600, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>Oh, heck, I can't resist.  Since I've got all but the last one, I'm
>gonna go back through and throw in picture pointers....

To answer someone's question, yes, the tee-shirt said, "You're a 
jerk."  I'd forgotten that one.  Wonder how I lost it?

And that picture is strange.  I still have that guitar, but--that must have 
been one of two or three times I *ever* played that one in public.  Odd.  A 
Martin GT-75 hollow body electric.  I think they made about five hundred of 
them.  And still not worth very much.  <grin>