other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

Wed Jan 29 02:54:18 PST 2003

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>> >For non-fiction, favorites would have to be Trotsky and Engels.  For other
>> >long-dead-people, I can't think of any I'd especially call favorites.
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>>Where's the best place for a neophyte to start with those two?  Just
>>my curiousity, we hear so much about them, I'd like to see for myself.
>For Engels, I'd say _Anti-Duhring_ just because I love it so much.  With 
>Trotsky it's harder.  I'd say _Revolution Betrayed_ is the most 
>fundamental.  _My Life_ is the most delightful.  _History of the Russian 
>Revolution_ has the best quotable lines.  And _Literature and Revolution_ 
>is the most appropriate for this group.

On my way to the library.......

Thanks, Steve.



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 foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out, may waste the memory
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