Female Role Models (was: Favorite NON-fiction)

Wed Jan 29 07:38:37 PST 2003

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> Grace Hopper, Ada Hutchinson (unsure of last name), many others.  
> There's definitely no lack of female role models in computer 
> science.

_if_ they're covered in school.  I've never heard of Grace or Ada. :)

The key here is that the people may exist (or existed, as it were) but they may or may not be "taught" in school.  So the students (regardless of gender) may have to wait until upper-level high school or college (or do their own research) to discover that there were "female scientists" or "female _____".   

After high-school, if you had asked me to name some female scientists, I think only would have come up with Madame Curie.

Mileage of course, will vary, depending on school, state, etc.

I'm sure the role-models exist, the issue is whether the schools are mentioning them and crediting them properly for what contributions they made (whether it's a big contribution, or a small one).