OT "online" (was: computer time, was: MNDungeon)

Wed Jan 29 10:08:04 PST 2003

Mark A Mandel wrote
> Well, I guess it could depend on context. If my machine is connected to
> the Internet and I get an alert when email arrives, even if I'm using a
> local app, then I could say that I'm online in the sense of being
> accessible by Internet, but not in the sense of where my attention is.

This is the definition of online I was using.  Approx. 80% of my work time
meets this criteria.
Add in 3-5 hours daily at my computer at home (thank God for wireless
networking) and I get up to the 65 hrs/wk I estimated.

I included all of the following.
a) actively using a web browser.
b) actively using an ftp client.
c) actively using an email client to upload or download messages.
d) using a newsreader to retrieve messages and headers (I rarely post to
e) reading newsgroup messages.
f) composing email on a client that checks 3 to 4 POP accounts once per
minute for new mail
g) engaging in other activity with same client running in the background,
giving me a discreet message waiting indicator when new mail arrives.

I don't do much with other protocols; no IM, no chat, a little bit of remote
computing (NetMeeting, pcAnywhere, etc.)  If I left off e), f) and g), my
"online" time would be dramatically less -- probably someting like 20