OT "online" (was: computer time, was: MNDungeon)

Wed Jan 29 10:09:46 PST 2003

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> #Hmm. Define "online".
> #
> #If it means "at a computer", It's probably something close to 100
> #hrs/wk for me.
> I certainly wouldn't call it that, any more than being in a 
> room with a
> radio -- not necessarily turned on -- counts as listening to 
> the radio.
> "Online", to me, means actively using the Internet (including its
> subset the WWW).

Upon reflection, it's hard to tell when I am _online_ or not (in terms of internet), when using the computer, since I tend to being running several things at once, and swap between them.  Additionally, I'm usually IM'able (which may or may not count, depending on perspective), and semi-active on a mu*. 

In theory the only time I'm probably not actually doing something on the internet is if I happen to be "working away from my computer" (e.g. working someone else's computer) or if I happen to be playing a computer game (single player...most of my computer game time is multiplayer internet play), but even then, I usually have Trillian (IM Client) running on another machine. :)