Gender Distributions in SF & F

Wed Jan 29 10:22:56 PST 2003

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> So... why?  Why do women, especially young women, tend to 
> avoid science 
> fiction while embracing fantasy?
> I'm curious to hear everyone's.

I'd be more interested in commentary from the women (on this list) on the subject. :)

(Pure guesswork below)
One aspect I suspect is what is "considered" cool by the reader.

Some science fiction books are more interested in the "gadgets" than anything else.  Rachel on the other hand, tends to be uninterested in those kinds of books (where the focus is around the "gadget").  I can't immediately think of an example.

Also, a some SF is un-people-centric, that is, the "interplay" of personalities isn't prominent, or even there at all.