Here's a question (was:RE: Gender Distributions in SF & F)

Wed Jan 29 15:32:13 PST 2003

>Which writers or female characters are ones in which
>you feel portray accurate examples of women?

I'd say that there are few authors that accurately portray humans in 
general, when you get right down to it.

That said, I think that Connie Willis is the reigning master of 
characterization, followed by Kage Baker.

Tanith Lee *can* do excellent characterization, just as she can be a master 
of plot, or a master of mood, but I find that she's rarely all three at 

C.L. Moore, in partnership with Henry Kuttner, were definitely a force to 
reckon with with it came to this.


Ray Bradbury, of course, although he did like to indulge in stylization.

I think that LeGuinn can, as well, although she has tended to be more 
interested in cultures than in individuals, per se (at least in her science 

I definitely think that Gaiman can really get inside his character's heads, 
regardless of gender.

I'm sure more will come to mind.  Part of the problem, IMO, is that SF&F are 
genre's that tend to be heavily driven by plot with characters either being 
somewhat sketchy or fulfilling archetypal functions.

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