Concerning the origins of Piarra (old slightly OT Mndungeon)

Wed Jan 29 23:10:25 PST 2003

<Snip Robert's Interview>

Steven Brust wrote:
> At 04:54 PM 1/29/2003 -0800, Steven Brust wrote:
>> Interesting stuff.  The main place where my memory differs from
>> Robert's is that I recall Reen and John Robey having a *lot* of
>> influence in how the House of the Dragon developed.  But that was,
>> of course, many moons ago.
> Oh, and the other thing is that the jhereg does not have four legs.
> That's the cover artist's rendition.  I think it's a great cover, but
> that doesn't mean it's accurate.  :-)

<from older thread {slightly OT MNdingeon}>

> Hmm...not exactly true, Ang.  I did have a Dungeon, in the Minneapolis
> sense, but that isn't the gaming source of Dragaera.  It's much more
> complicated than that.

I *begin* to understand, (both how horridly wrong I was {which I knew was
quite possible}, and some relevant info)

I must remember that when it comes to the people I know what seems to be the
most likely scenario is commonly the *least* likely.

Life would be, I guess, less interesting if you* didn't have to continually
insert your* foot in your* mouth to stifle your* ignorance.

*(I, my: as in mine)

I found Robert's FWD really interesting, thanks for getting curious (for
entirely different reasons than mine) David!