Gender Distributions in SF & F

Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) RuhlenR at missouri.edu
Fri Jan 31 11:36:43 PST 2003

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> From: Davis, Iain E. 
> > From: Barbara Baj [mailto:tmer at eudoramail.com]
> > But in general, I personally prefer fantasy or easy 
> > science-fiction because I read for pleasure and relaxation. 
> I'll second this idea!  As a general rule, I tend to re-read 
> easier to read, "mindless adventure" type books when things 
> are busy and stressful.  I guess I have a mental list of 
> books/authors that are "safe", e.g., a nice escape from the 
> stresses and ugliness of the world, while others I'll avoid 
> reading unless I'm in a "good space" already.
> It sometimes leads me to reading things that others complain 
> "But all the books in the series are pretty much the same 
> thing", in a sense, they are, but that's what I'm looking 
> for, isn't it?

But they're not always. My personal escape from stress is something very
soft and unoffending like _Little House_ books, except for _The First
Four Years_ (which is not at all offensive but certainly more depressing
because of the house burning down and the baby that died). Or the Vlad
books that occur during his life pre-Teckla.

But, point taken. I agree that fantasy often is friendlier than sci fi.
Perhaps my abhorrance of depressing literature explains my personal
tendency to prefer fantasy to sci fi.