Encouragement vs Discouragement?

Fri Jan 31 12:47:28 PST 2003

 I don't want to start up a war of male versus female, but I *am* curious on a matter after re-reading my earlier rambling post about fantasy/sci-fi.

I'm wondering how many people are lost to a book (or genre) because they either don't identify with the hero(s), or can't? Or perhaps
lost interest in a book, series or author because of such things?

On a similar note, how many have been discouraged from a topic in school they thought they'd enjoy, or had enjoyed until a certain point?

I remember a couple of memorable events in HS photography class where I was given a bad grade because I could not complete the work,
due to my negatives having been stolen. (several students had this problem) I lost interest in the topic altogether from sheer frustration at
the unfairness of it.

 - Barbara

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