Encouragement vs Discouragement?

Fri Jan 31 13:20:49 PST 2003

I kind of had  the same experience studying Engineering at Purdue.  I grew
unsatisfied with the whole "engineering thing", left school to study industrial
and architectural design at another school. (in fact, did very well)
here it is a few years later and I want to start studying engineering again.

Casey Rousseau wrote:

> Barbara asked:
> > On a similar note, how many have been discouraged from a topic in
> > school they thought they'd enjoy, or had enjoyed until a certain point?
> Didn't happen to me until by sophomore year at Penn.  Modern Physics.  I
> just couldn't skate through on going to lectures and doing half the problems
> and still ace the exams.  Compounded the problem by not making it to all the
> lectures for completely unrelated reasons.  Flunked.
> Have hardly touched any study of the physical sciences since.  Prior to this
> point I had planned to be a Physics Major.  Ended up going into Math with a
> minor in CS after taking five years off from school.
> Not sure if this is the sort of example you were looking for, though.  I
> sometimes wish I'd had a bit more preparation for the idea that I could run
> into a topic that was too hard for me to learn without putting in some hard
> work.
> Casey