Encouragement vs Discouragement?

Fri Jan 31 14:34:19 PST 2003

> I don't know how typical a reader I am.

I'd say fairly typical. I certainly don't look for male role models 
when I read. I look for characters I can understand or sympathize with, 
or I find compelling. For instance, a recent example is Matt from the 
Wheel of Time series. I wouldn't like to be like him or emulate his 
life. But he is interesting to read. Unfortunately Jordan seems to make 
all his females the same, which is a put off.

If I read a book and I get zero out of it, either from the setting or 
the characters, I drop it. An interesting setting will make up for any 
short comings. One example that comes to mind is (forgive me Pamela!) 
is the Secret Country. Now there is a great setting with characters 
that do the job but aren't exactly memorable. I read the series because 
I liked the setting and the ways  the characters interacted with it.