Female Role Models (was: Favorite NON-fiction)

Sat Feb 1 23:35:34 PST 2003

She was a Captain at the time.  There was 3 committees set up to define
a 3rd generation language for use in business, Fortran had been created
in 1957 for use in scientific work.

She was on the short term committee....the other two committee's never
met, the short term committee created COBOL _very_ quickly,  and it
represented a huge advance, now you could write a business program and
have it run on different makes, or even different models of computer,
without having to rewrite it in Binary or machine code each time.

She also found a moth that was stuck in a relay (or maybe a valve) that
was causing the computer to produce errors, thus coining the term "Bug"
to describe a computer problem.  The moth was taped to a sheet of paper
along with a brief description.  It's available on the net somewhere, so
you can see a picture of the original computer bug :-)

She is a huge figure in the history of computing


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> Admiral Grace Hopper.  Helped invent COBOL, among many, many other 
> things.

We had a female Admiral early enough to invent COBOL?

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