Kragar & Darmar (was Re: Vlad vs Paarfi)

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Sun Feb 2 13:09:55 PST 2003

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, M J wrote:

>!!  What're you TALKING about?  You _know_ that Vlad, like everyone
>else in the universe, wants to glomp Daymar! 

Speaking of Daymar, I have just remembered an amusing
Theory I had about Kragar that involved Daymar.  The
original article is here:


But I shall snip the relevant portions of the thread and paste them

David Silberstein wrote:

>My new Kragar theory (which doesn't contradict the Lavode theory
>(or at least, I think Sethra wouldn't care, since she may be a
>Dragon-Dzur, or something not entirely Dragon anyway, herself),
>but does mostly eliminate the "Agent of House Dragon" possibility):

>Kragar is a half-breed.

>I was recently re-reading JHEREG, and the line where Kragar says
>something to the effect of "Do you know what it feels like to be
>a half-breed?", and the paragraph following, suggested to me that
>maybe he had a little more empathy with Mellar, at least on that
>point, than the average Dragaeran would have.

>Of course, the question arises, "Dragon and what else"?

>I semi-facetiously suggested Dragon-Teckla a while back, and indeed,
>his unusual (for a Dragon) passivity might be considered evidence
>in that direction.  When he is partnered with Vlad in TALTOS, he
>refuses to be the one giving the orders (even with an Easterner!),
>and he lets Vlad's business slide in YENDI rather than take charge

>However, the above traits could also be interpreted as having very
>low self-esteem due to being kicked out of House Dragon on the one
>hand, and not really wanting to be a Jhereg on the other.

>Another possibilty that occurred to me was a Dragon-Yendi mix - he's
>good at analyzing motives and doing research, and for that matter
>a Yendi might have *looked* enough like a Dragon to fool the Dragon
>parent (just like Yendi Sorceress in Green looks like an Athyra).

>And finally, I wondered if he might be a Dragon-Hawk.  His "fadeout"
>effect seems to be psionic, and while I don't know that *all* Hawks
>are good at psionics, he almost certainly *went* to one (Daymar)
>to have his abilities researched, and perhaps to find out more
>about that side of himself.

>Continuing that line of thought, I also wondered if perhaps Daymar
>might be his father.  Daymar is far too single-minded to ever fall
>in love, I think, but he might go along with some Passionate Young
>Dragon's advances.  I can just see them, right after she discovers
>she's In Trouble:

>Passionate Young Dragon:     Daymar, I'm PREGNANT!!!

>Daymar:  Yes, I know.  I followed the conception psionically.  It
>         was quite fascinating.

>PYD:     Barlen's scales, why didn't you SAY something?!  I
>         thought *YOU* were taking precautions!

>Daymar:  (puzzled) You didn't ask.  And you didn't say anything
>         about precautions, either.  What sort of precautions?
>         Do you mean contraception?
>(I think Daymar, and perhaps other Hawks, may be slightly autistic)

>(Or alternatively, Kragar was conceived during the Interregnum,
>when the spell might not have been an option - but might have
>been possible psionically, which is another reason the PYD might
>*thought* Daymar would handle preventative measures.)

>Those are the best guesses I could think of, although I could, of
>course, be wrong about the whole notion.

Konrad Gaertner wrote:

>Next question is who PYD might be.  We really don't see many Dragons, 
>even fewer that might do something like this.  How about Jenicor
>(sp?) from PG?  Heck, we even see her have an affair with someone
>outside her house.

I wrote:

>And that was with Pel, a Yendi, yesno?

>It might even have been one of those post-battle romances, where
>the wounded Dragon is nursed back to health by the non-Dragon.

Chris Farmer wrote (concerning the Dragon-Yendi part of the theory):

>right character trait - but i'd go with a different house.
>Dragon-Lyorn.  That would explain why he is so good at getting
>all the necessary info for Vlad. 

I wrote:

>Hmm.  Possibly, but remember that Yendi are good at psychological
>manipulation and blackmail.  Kragar might just know where all the
>Lyorn bodies are buried, and who has the dirt on whom - and how
>to be subtle about insinuating who *else* might get that info.
>And so on.

And now that I think on it (continuing speculation on the same
hypothesis, which is of course still unproven), Kragar might also be a
Dragon-Jhereg mix.  Again, a Jhereg might appear to be sufficiently
similar to a Dragon to "pass", and it might also explain why Aliera
doesn't like him - he represents what happened when a Dragon was
insufficiently careful while boinking a Jhereg, which makes her
uncomfortable when she thinks about her affair with Mario.