SKZB Features @ Strange Horizons eZine

Mon Feb 3 14:02:00 PST 2003

Yeah, so I'm advertising something personal-ish, but it is
SKZB-related!  And no one can tell me that they didn't know what this post
was about from the subject line. *smirk*

Through some remarkable timing, Strange Horizons has posted not one, but
TWO Steven Brust features in this week's issue.
For the two or three of us onlist who haven't read _Paths of the Dead_
yet, (myself included) feel free to check out the review (beware of
spoilers).  Or, better yet, if you have read it, see what our staff

Get to know your favorite author from his interview (by someone on this
list who wishes not to toot his own horn *playful g @ said person*)  Soon
even you will know enough about "the Man" to build shrines of worship to
sacrifice small furry animals (or send cute Asian bondage babes).


"Call her life unnatural, feel her undead breath.
Color her black for sorcery, color her gray for death."
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