Female Role Models

Andrew McGuigan ajmcguigan at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 15:11:00 PST 2003

Also, if what I've read and the historical novels
"Enigma" and "Cyrptonomium" are accurate, staff
shortages on the "homefront" were acute, thus women
were more available then men for cryptology (which is
what the early computers were for).

Once all the GI's got back from the War, women were
displaced in many industries, and got on with the work
of creating the Baby Boom. :)


It was written:

In the early days of computing, most programmers were
women.  This was not because anyone thought that women
were in any way superior (don't make me
laugh), but because they felt that programming was
essentially a
clerical task and women were suitable to being clerks.
 Only later was 
realized that programming was hard and then they got
rid of the women
right damned quick.