Female Role Models

Mon Feb 3 15:20:33 PST 2003

Andrew McGuigan wrote:
> Also, if what I've read and the historical novels
> "Enigma" and "Cyrptonomium" are accurate, staff
> shortages on the "homefront" were acute, thus women
> were more available then men for cryptology (which is
> what the early computers were for).

Cryptonomium? Perhaps you mean "Cryptonomicon". ;)

As for Cryptonomicon's historical accuracy, Neal Stephenson took a great 
deal of fictional liberty with certain historical figures (Alan Turing, 
General MacArthur, Ronald Reagan, etc.), but he got many of his facts right.

Even so, it's important to remember that Cryptonomicon is fiction. I've 
had friends who thought Bobby Shaftoe was an actual marine who really 
fought in the war. :)

Ryan Grove
ryan at wonko.com