Grateful Dead in Fenario

Fri Feb 7 18:49:58 PST 2003

Here are some more translations and comparisons. Some of them were very 
easy, others I speculated on. I've identified what I speculated on vs. what 
is probably definite below:

Probably Definite:

Fodrozoda:Ripple = "Ripple" from American Beauty; "If my words did glow..." 
you get the idea.

Irtozatos Farkas:Dire Wolf = "Dire Wolf" from Workingmans Dead; "In the 
timbers of Fennario...", this means my prior speculation is probably wrong.

Rosmaring:Rosemary = "Rosemary" from Aoxomoxia; "Sweat and Leather, a breath 
of cologne, her mirror was a window she sat by alone...on the wall of the 
garden, a legend did say, no one may come here since no one may stay------" 
(sorry, couldn't resist)

Konnyu Szel:Slight/Easy Ledge/wind = "Easy Wind" from Workingmans Dead;
"I've been balling a shiny black steel jack hammer..."

These I speculated on:

Cukros Elofa:Sugar Tree = "Sugar Magnolia"(?) from American Beauty {I'm 
starting to notice a trend here so I thought I would put in where American 
Beauty is found)

Sarga,cukor,ferfi:Yellow sugar man = "Candyman" (?) from American Beauty

Tuz:Fire = "Fire on the Mountain" (?)

Halas Csend:Grateful Calm/stillness = "Grateful Dead" (?)

Vegyit Erdo:to Mingle/to combine timbre/woods = "New Minglewood Blues" (?)

Dobperges Ordog:Drum beat/drums devil/evil = Devil drums(?); not really a 
song, sort of a spin off of emmmm, like "Drums"-->"Space"; it's a Mickey 
Hart thing...

Things I'm still not totally sure on, and though I have my speculations, I'd 
rather not write them here because if I'm wrong I'll look extremely stupid 
(more than usual even):

Ingyen,utas:Free/for nothing,passanger/fare

Sotet,odu:murky/obscure/dark,lair/hangout (this might be a tomb?)

Mord,fal:Grim,stuff/gobble/cushion/engorge (this I have absolutely no idea)

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