Grateful Dead in Fenario

Sat Feb 8 13:33:31 PST 2003

>David Silberstein wrote:
>Someone who is travelling for free is "deadheading".

Right, okay, that makes sense, I did not know that.

>You should be proud of getting so many all on your own.  :-)

Pasha, I would be worried if I didn't know that many... :)

*sigh* *waves to David Silberstein* See David, now you know one of my faults 
and fortes :)

>Another meaning of "odu" is "hole".  "Black hole"?  Another "Dark
>Star" reference?

Right, last night I forgot that a black-hole is a collapsed star, hence 
"dark star"...makes sense :)

>északi (eszaki) == northern
>mezõ (mezo) == field

mezo also = borealis = Northern Lights

Hummmm, ideas:

"Rhaposody in Red" (I think it was recorded as a JGB song); "with all those 
northern lights just blowing away..."


"I know you rider" (I can't remember what this was originally recorded on at 
the moment) "Wish I was a headlight on a northbound train, wish I was a 
headlight on a northbound train, I'd shine my light through the cool 
Colorado rain..."

Then again, I'm probably way off base.

>county of Nagylab
>nagy == big
>láb (lab) == foot
>Big Foot County -- "Brown-Eyed Women"
>    "Tumble-down shack in Big Foot County ..."

I agree with this...

~Holly~ @>--,'----

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