S Lumley / s piotto spiotto at rogers.com
Mon Feb 10 08:15:13 PST 2003

So I'm rereading Yendi today... (7th time.)

and there's a passage in the book after Norathar gets very peeved at Sethra after she finds out that Sethra made the accusation that got her family killed.

Sethra draws her dagger, (Iceflame) and Vlad goggles. Stares. Something. Vlad is usually pretty cool in these situations.

Anyways, Vlad goes on to say that Iceflame is one of three most powerful artifacts in the Empire, right up there with The Orb and GODSLAYER.


Are there two Godslayers? Or was there only ever one... and knowing Steve, has it been flipping through time? And does Devera have anything to do with this?