SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Mon Feb 10 15:22:31 PST 2003

> > Vlad has received a course in Stealth 101 from *THE* absolute
> > top-level Jhereg expert in stealth.
>You are talking about Kiera here, right?  Not Kragar or Mario?
>It's not clear to me who among this group would win a stealthathon -
>one person who's not really real and two we don't know very much about...

I'd say that Kiera is real enough, alter ego though she may be.

I'm not sure if what's I'd call what Kragar has "stealth" so much as a 
natural and involuntary camoflague.

Mario...  we really don't know a lot about Mario.

Be that as it may, I'd guess that there's little that Sethra couldn't be the 
best at, if she put her mind to it (and none of your snarky 
Sethra-sure-is-dull comments, you! ;-).

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