SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Mon Feb 10 16:01:48 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

@> Although she may have lied after all (we *never* know when anything in
@> a fiction is a lie or not, and that goes most especially for anything
@> written by SKZB), since there's that really huge time discrepancy
@> thing (maybe she spent a day climbing a wall?  :-) ).

Slight tangent:

During this scene, Kiera mentions climbing a wall after telling a number
of people which wall she'd be climbing, when she'd be doing it, and so on,
and managing to get to the top undetected. Based on her actions in
"Jhereg" (the knife-swapping scene), I had always assumed that, after
telling people which wall she'd be climbing, she simply climbed a
different wall (I'm assuming she was talking about a wall attached to 
a building, which would theoretically have additional walls). The Big
Secret Lesson of Stealth here would be that you should convince people
that you're not doing what you are, in fact, doing. I'm somewhat curious
as to whether other people came to the same conclusion.

Hi, by the way. What an active list this appears to be.