SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Mon Feb 10 23:29:28 PST 2003

>>>>I think I recall in Taltos that Morrolan can see a lot better than

>>> Do you always generalize from a sample of one?

>>This is (one hopes intentionally) very funny.

> It is also a very good example of a snarky rhetorical question.  I
> would have been more courteous, but a response that paraphrased a line
> from _Issola_ was just too good an opportunity to miss, as well as
> being appropriate.

That's what single quotation marks are for.

Must be getting old - I don't remember this line in _I_.  Kudos to SKZB
for this like-line and to you for slipping it between my shoulder blades.

The scene in _Taltos_ I was referring to turns out to exist - Chapter 9.
M. sees or hears the cat centaurs, V. has no clue, L. flys "for most of
a minute" before reporting back.  Why M. wants to walk to Deathgate Falls
with V. when they could presumably step through a window is beyond me.

A related point - Dragaeran memory is impressive.  Sethra has detailed
recollection of incidental conversations from (too lazy to check Alexx's
timeline) many hundreds of years ago (_Yendi_) which Vlad probably
misreports after a few years.  The storage capacity, chemical stability,
filing heuristics, brain cell lifetime, ... involved are a triumph for
those lame guys (the Shaqs of the Dragaeran universe).

- Philip