SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Tue Feb 11 01:58:46 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Jot Powers wrote:

>> >(I still think of the Vlad-has-super-taltos-powers-if-he-doesn't-eat
>> >idea as being *very* low probability, anyway)
>It could have a probability approaching 1.  I think the
>chance that he _would_ give up eating for that power
>yields a probability approaching 0.  Especially Valabars. :)
>(I for one believe it's hogwash, and just a name :)

While I don't give much credence to the super-taltos-powers idea, I do
have the notion that "The Final Contract" might involve Vlad
fulfilling the /role/ of the Taltos by returning the Sun, the Moon,
and the Stars - by dispelling the Overcast, possibly by killing a god.

Oh, and speaking of the Overcast / Enclouding - I also have the notion
that it was maintained during the Interregnum by the gods as part of
their ruse against the Jenoine.

Paarfi doesn't mention the Furnace being visible, yet perhaps it
occurs in Paarfi's future (perhaps even at the start of the next Great
Cycle?), due to Vlad's personal time being twisted by Verra's Halls
and/or the Paths of the Dead.

Just a random notion, of course.