SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

S Lumley / s piotto spiotto at rogers.com
Tue Feb 11 04:21:01 PST 2003

> > A related point - Dragaeran memory is impressive.  Sethra has detailed
> > recollection of incidental conversations from (too lazy to check Alexx's
> > timeline) many hundreds of years ago (_Yendi_) which Vlad probably
> > misreports after a few years.  The storage capacity, chemical stability,
> > filing heuristics, brain cell lifetime, ... involved are a triumph for
> > those lame guys (the Shaqs of the Dragaeran universe).
> I beg leave to slip the aforementioned line between your shoulder blades
> again. To think that Sethra is representative of the average Dragaeran
> is much too generous to said Dragaeran. I believe Sethra to be an
> extraordinary sample of Dragaeran: extremely powerful, long lived,
> undead, wise, etc. But otherwise, I would characterize Dragaeran memory
> as equal to human memory (although there has never been mention of
> mental ailments), with the notable difference that Dragaerans live
> considerably longer.
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> Jose Marquez
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Actually... judging from Yendi i'd say that Sethra has something pretty
freaking wild going on in regards to memory. The scene around the table from
the Godslayer discussion I started earlier had an incident where Sethra digs
back several centuries to remember something.

(To be precise, that Sethra herself was the one that made the accusation
against Norathar's family.)

When she did it, she paused, rolled her eyes back into her head and tuned
everybody out for a moment. That doesn't sound anything close to normal
human memory. It sounds more like sorcery or witchcraft or just Sethra being

any other theories on this?