Dragaeran memory

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 11 14:01:59 PST 2003

> It is my opinion that we will see a lot more of it when she "wakes up."
> Even more so if, as a plot twist (and when isn't there one ?), they 
> can mentally interact.  I point to Morraco and Blackwand whom he refers
> to on at least one occassion rather lovingly.

Morraco?  Does Morrolan know how to tango, too?

(Sorry, I assume it's a typo, but it's a funny one!!  No offense
intended, as I do it all the time...:)

"Blind man's night is music to the deaf, and 
everyone has *two* paths, not one, whence comes
tragedy and comedy, forsooth and damn straight,
 - "The Gypsy" - Brust & Lindholm