SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Tue Feb 11 14:59:30 PST 2003

>When she did it, she paused, rolled her eyes back into her head and
>tuned everybody out for a moment. That doesn't sound anything close to
>normal human memory. It sounds more like sorcery or witchcraft or just
>Sethra being undead.


>Perhaps it has something to do with her being undead?  I don't
>know what - I leave that to the rest of you.

Emmm, about the motions of remembering... these are both sarcastic right?

~Holly~ (who doesn't know if she rolls her eyes back into her head, but 
certainly looks to the sky, stares in a perplexed manner and tunes everyone 
out when she is trying to remember something and is pretty certain she's not 
undead or ancient *looks again*, yep, now she's clear she's not... In fact I 
do it much of the time before submitting to this list...do most people not 
do that?)

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