Writing style of Issola

Tue Feb 11 18:42:10 PST 2003

At 08:38 PM 2/11/2003 +0000, Mark Tiller wrote:
>Did anybody else notice that Issola was written with a certain nod
>towards television.  One of the things struck me was the habit SKZB had
>in the book of putting a dramatic line or paragraph right at the end of
>a chapter as a TV Show would just before an ad break.

It actually predates TV.  The technique was more-or-less created by none 
other than Alexandre Dumas.

But I have *certainly* been influenced by television.  Especially "The 
Wild, Wild West," and "The Man From Uncle."  And my sense of humor was 
formed more by the Smothers Brothers than any other single influence that 
comes to mind.