Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, which I hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

S Lumley / s piotto spiotto at rogers.com
Tue Feb 11 20:50:56 PST 2003

> > P.S. Are there gay great weapons, and if so, would
> > Daymar get one? :)
> Zorro, the Gay Blade.  'nuff said.
> --

Ah yes... Zorro the Gay Blade. One of the best bad movies of all time. I
hadn't thought of that in years either.

And when did Daymar get outed? I thought he was just reflective and kind of
introverted. If that's the standard for gay there's a decidedly large number
of gay people on this list.