Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, which I hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

Tue Feb 11 21:14:56 PST 2003

>And when did Daymar get outed? I thought he was just reflective and kind of 
>introverted. If that's the standard for gay there's a decidedly large 
>number of gay people on this list.

Yeah, when did that become the standard for being gay? I'm reflective and 
very introverted, (well in person anyway), and I'm not gay, just a naturally 
dirty minded smart-mouthed young unsullied sentual-semi-bondage-babe 
*laughing and grinning wildly* ... so Matthew does this mean I get the part? 
Oh, come on, plllleeeaaaasseeeeeeeeee... like Chris said, I can even play 
the part of the leech, I have a great tutor... *evil grin*

Chris *now* have I sunk to an all time low? I'm trying here.

And, beside... I always envisioned Daymar with well...MJ...tee hee hee 
hee.... :)

~Holly~ (Who has a tendency to shoot her mouth off like "one of the guys" 
and will stop now before she get's herself into trouble *again* (unless 
there's something I just can't resist), and who also *knows* she's in a 
goofier mood than usual because a) she keeps hopping in the rain puddles 
outside like she's 2 and when she does it she even vocalizes "splash" or 
"hoppity,hoppity,hoppity" and b) because she was excused from class because 
she, as usual, was able to turn any comment the prof. made into some ironic 
hypothetical esoteric question, but this time instead of keeping them to 
herself actually asked them to the class. When prof. couldn't stop laughing 
he told me I could go home... kay-sa-ra-sa-ra..hehehehehehehehehehehehe) =)

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