Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, which I hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

Tue Feb 11 22:08:17 PST 2003

>MJ wrote:
>YAY.  MJ wins.  Flawless victory!
>I suppose I shouldn't be greedy and try to glomp Aibynn, too.

Oh, I would love to make some "Daymar-mind-probing" comment about that, but 
I had better not.


>>I wrote:
>>~Holly~ (Who has a tendency to shoot her mouth off like "one of the guys" 
>>and will stop now before she get's herself into trouble *again*

>Matthew Hunter wrote:
>Too late.


>MJ wrote:
>Too late!

*rolls her eyes innocently upward and thinks in a soft southern accent:*

Oh, well darn! Well, I guess should expect it by now, I seem to get myself 
into trouble more often than not...okay, okay...Well, I guess I'll just 
crawl right back into that dark little hovel I call the cave and lurk around 
again.... :) gee I hope I haven't offended anyone... well actually, don't 
really care if I have...but you know, it's nice to say I hope I haven't and 
all...seems very lady like to apologize when one has acted very much to the 
contrary :P

<back in normal voice>

*logging off-line because I am having way too much fun right now, and I am 
afraid only I am getting my humor because only I am in my mind... or so I 
believe, *checking this fact* yes, indeed only me in there*

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