Smothers Brothers (Was: Re: Writing style of Issola)

Tue Feb 11 22:47:19 PST 2003

Steven Brust wrote:
> At 08:38 PM 2/11/2003 +0000, Mark Tiller wrote:
> >Did anybody else notice that Issola was written with a certain nod
> >towards television.  One of the things struck me was the habit SKZB had
> >in the book of putting a dramatic line or paragraph right at the end of
> >a chapter as a TV Show would just before an ad break.
> It actually predates TV.  The technique was more-or-less created by none
> other than Alexandre Dumas.
> But I have *certainly* been influenced by television.  Especially "The
> Wild, Wild West," and "The Man From Uncle."  And my sense of humor was
> formed more by the Smothers Brothers than any other single influence that
> comes to mind.

Anyone care to enlighten a benighted 23-year-old as to who the Smothers
Brothers are? Or point me to allusions to them in Steve's stuff?
(Assuming I'll actually get the allusion...)

Jose Marquez
jhereg69 at earthlink.net