SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Joshua Kronengold mneme at io.com
Wed Feb 12 07:54:57 PST 2003

Reen Brust writes:
>From: "Joshua Kronengold" <mneme at io.com>(snip)
>> I've played one of these for years in Matt Stevens' Two Fisted Tales 
>> (and before that, the same character in Doc Cross's short-lived pulp
>> game).
>I haven't heard of either of these games.  Where did you encounter them?

They're actual GMs and campaigns -- Doc Cross ran a Pulp PBEM years ago
with Lisa Padol, Avis Crane, and myself (among a few others) as
players, which colapsed due to the burnout of several players
(including Doc), using OTE rules, with vastly more powerful characters
than OTE normally allows (instead of a 4-die trait and two 3-die
traits, it allowed a 6-die, a 5-die, two four-die traits and two 3-die
traits, as long as you also took three flaws instead of one).  I
played Li Kao (accidentally resuing the name of a different fictional
chinese gentleman), immortal chinese inventor, who has lived long
enough that the very laws of physics have changed (ie, he invents
things that don't make sense to anyone else and has problems with
modern technology), but remembers little of it due to only being able
to remember about 200 years, keeping diaries that are usually lost for
the rest.

A year or two later (after that campaign colapsed), Matt Stevens
started a pulp game with a frequiently-changing system (which used to be
available for free download, but apparently is in the works for
pubication by Spectre Press), called Two Fisted Tales (as is the
campaign); I reused the character, toning it down a bit (not much, but
I'd added a 3-die magic trait for Doc' game that I removed for
Matt's)...and as it turned out, the character's abilities have
problably have had some infuence in the system (since every time Matt
reworks it, he has to figure out how to make Li Kao work...though IMO,
"Automatic Resurection" is actually a minor ability rather than the
major one he paints it as).

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