Smothers Brothers

Wed Feb 12 15:03:23 PST 2003

OK, let's take pity on this poor guy . . .

It was the 60's.  CBS hired these nice, clean-cut musical guys to host a 
comedy/variety hour.  Before this, they'd released a couple of folk 
albums, probably toured . . .

Well, the nice, clean-cut guys got on the air at the critical point when 
a lot of the youth of the country was getting upset about Vietnam.  They 
found that they were getting upset, too . . . their comedy took on a 
political edge.  They had guests on that the censors (oh, yeah, you 
won't know from censors either.  CBS had censors that were supposed to 
make sure all the shows were nicey-nice.  The Smothers Brothers had a 
*lot* of trouble with the censors) didn't like and they wrote skits that 
the censors cut up or just cancelled . . . then the brothers would get 
up there and show the camera the *script* of the skits and talk about 
how they couldn't *do* the skit . . . there was an excellent special 
about them on one of the cable networks just this winter.

I don't know if this helps or not.  The world was very different back then.