Smothers Brothers

valerie at drizzle.com valerie at drizzle.com
Wed Feb 12 15:17:06 PST 2003

>>i had no idea about their troubles with the censors.  i think the shows
>>i have seen must have been the heavily censored ones cuz i don't recall
>>much satire.....only half naked women dancing around.....and wasn't
>>ruth buzzy (sp?) on there?  loved her.
> That sounds more like Laugh-In, IIRC.

ha!  suddenly i feel like avril lavigne reading the nominee list at the
grammy award announcement when she pronounced david bowie's name wrong.

when it was brought to her attention, she shrugged it off and said she
didn't know who that was....


thanks for the correction andrew.  i should know better than to un-lurk.