Smothers Brothers

Wed Feb 12 16:46:05 PST 2003

> >>i had no idea about their troubles with the censors.  i think the shows
> >>i have seen must have been the heavily censored ones cuz i don't recall
> >>much satire.....only half naked women dancing around.....and wasn't
> >>ruth buzzy (sp?) on there?  loved her.
> >
> > That sounds more like Laugh-In, IIRC.
> >
>ha!  suddenly i feel like avril lavigne reading the nominee list at the
>grammy award announcement when she pronounced david bowie's name wrong.
>when it was brought to her attention, she shrugged it off and said she
>didn't know who that was....
>thanks for the correction andrew.  i should know better than to un-lurk.

Oh, now, don't say *that*!  Even Homer nods.

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