Firefly (was "Re: Smothers Brothers")

Wed Feb 12 16:52:19 PST 2003

Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:
> Chris (Who's annoyed with television, and will go back to
> watching movies, thank you.  Except for old-season X-Files...:)

Speaking of television, did anyone get a chance to watch Firefly during 
its short run on Fox?

I managed to see every episode, and the style of the show really 
reminded me of a Vlad novel. Not the setting, mind you, but the plots, 
pacing, witty banter and fight scenes. The captain in particular was 
Vlad all over. There's a scene in the pilot episode where a bandit has 
one of the crewmembers in a choke hold with a gun to her head. The 
captain walks in, and before the bandit can finish saying "Stop or I'll 
shoot," the captain shoots him in the head and keeps walking. Reminded 
me of Vlad and his throwing knives.

There was also a scene in another episode in which the captain and 
another character are confronted by three or four bad guys who they know 
they can't outfight, so the captain offers one of them a hefty sum of 
money to kill the others, just like Vlad in "Orca". Brilliant.

The witty dialogue was another Brust-like element that really made that 
show enjoyable. It's a Joss Whedon trademark, I know, but that combined 
with the other Brust similarities gave me the willies.

It's a shame the show was canceled.

I wonder what would happen if Joss Whedon and Steven Brust teamed up to 
develop a Vlad Taltos TV series? ;)

Ryan Grove
ryan at wonko.com