Firefly (was "Re: Smothers Brothers")

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Wed Feb 12 17:43:03 PST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Ryan Grove wrote:

>Speaking of television, did anyone get a chance to watch Firefly
>during its short run on Fox?

>I managed to see every episode, and the style of the show really
>reminded me of a Vlad novel. Not the setting, mind you,

The setting is a *little* like the Dragaeran Empire - Mal, like Vlad,
hates the Government, and opposes it.  But it's not much more than

> but the plots, 
>pacing, witty banter and fight scenes. The captain in particular was 
>Vlad all over. There's a scene in the pilot episode where a bandit has 
>one of the crewmembers in a choke hold with a gun to her head. The 
>captain walks in, and before the bandit can finish saying "Stop or I'll 
>shoot," the captain shoots him in the head and keeps walking. Reminded 
>me of Vlad and his throwing knives.
>There was also a scene in another episode in which the captain and 
>another character are confronted by three or four bad guys who they know 
>they can't outfight, so the captain offers one of them a hefty sum of 
>money to kill the others, just like Vlad in "Orca". Brilliant.

Well, Jayne kinda *is* an Orca.  The dumb doodlehum kind.


Zoe is a Dragon, methinks.
Wash is a Vallista - or, no, another Orca, but the kind that actually
sails rather than being just a thug.

Kaylee is a Vallista.  A *cute* one.  A mega-glompable one, even.

Inara is probably an Issola, but I suspect her of secretly being a
Yendi (that is, I have a notion that her real agenda is espionage). 

Book is... hm.  Dunno.  Maybe Yendi; I suspect *him* of having a
secret agenda as well.

Simon & River are Hawks, or maybe Athyra.

Mal, I suppose, is a Jhereg.  Or an Orca.