Firefly (was "Re: Smothers Brothers")

Wed Feb 12 18:34:29 PST 2003

From: "Ryan Grove" <ryan at wonko.com>
> Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:
> > Chris (Who's annoyed with television, and will go back to
> > watching movies, thank you.  Except for old-season X-Files...:)
> Speaking of television, did anyone get a chance to watch Firefly during
> its short run on Fox?

Sadly it hasn't turned up down here. Now I'm not sure if it ever will.
Possibly shoved in as a "filler" at about three in the morning and get no
ratings which will justify the network not showing all the episodes anyway!

I think the local networks have a thing against SF TV. Surely there are
enough legal/police/medical shows on television! How about something
different for a change!

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