Firefly (was "Re: Smothers Brothers")

Wed Feb 12 21:29:13 PST 2003

Damien Sullivan wrote:
> Actually, I think that's a lesson of the later Vlad books -- the Houses mean
> something, but it's possible to read too much into them.  Everyone thinks of
> the Yendi as the sneaky ones, and they do seem to go for a particular brand of
> sneakiness.  But Orca can do it in finance, Jhereg lie all the time, Dragons
> sneak in campaigns, Issola, well, "strike from courtly bow".  Grita's father
> was plotting a lot, and I forget his house, probably Tsalmoth, but the
> important part was that it wasn't one of these.  The Phoenix Illistra plotted.
> Lying is universal, except maybe for Lyorn or Dzur.

Remember Shaltre. And the Dzur Hero that Vlad shook down for information
on Mellar in Jhereg lied about his financial difficulties.

Jose Marquez
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