Dragaeran memory

Mark A Mandel mam at theworld.com
Thu Feb 13 07:18:45 PST 2003

	[Philip Hart]
#> Don't know about you, but I suspect the average guy would feel a bit, umm,
#> inadequate for a seven-foot-tall woman.  On the other hand, I was sort of
#> hoping for Vlad to hook up with the minstrel from _Athyra_ - she's a lot
#> sexier than Teldra.  On the other hand Vlad does say at some point that
#> sex with Ds is like bestiality (_Yendi_, chapter 1).  On the other hand
#> that was before the whole Ds-are-evolved-humans thing comes out.  In
#> any case you're right that they seemed headed that way (Vlad says he
#> hadn't had such conversations with anyone since Cawti).

#That is three hands.  Impressive.

Yeah. Four, actually, since he uses "In any case" for the gripping hand.

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