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Thu Feb 13 09:54:02 PST 2003

On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 08:30:20AM -0800, Julie Alipaz <jalipaz at stanford.edu> wrote:
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> >> > Hope this clears everything up :-)
> >> Not exactly.  Then what was it that I deleted?
> > > Its absence will not cause your PC to stop
> > > > >    working or interfere with your applications
>    Smirk - Us Mac user just don't have these problems

Sure you do.  Every computer system out there has an "uninformed 
user at the keyboard" problem.  If you think Macs are immune to 
viruses, you would be wrong -- while OS X is a significant 
improvement in that area, before then the Mac was even more wide 
open than Microsoft's software.  Even under OS X, a poorly 
written program (like, say, Microsoft's Outlook equivelent on the 
Mac) can accept viruses just as easily as on windows.  And while
it may only be your individual user account that gets infected, 
rather than the whole system, there's not much difference when 
it's a single-user machine and Apple hasn't given you the root 

It remains to be seen whether OS X is less secure than the UNIX 
system it is based on, but even UNIX systems have viruses and 
worms... the system is designed to contain them rather than let 
them spread rampant, but they still hit the inattentive sysadmin 

If you think I'm coming at you from the Mac-hating perspective, 
I'm not.  I used an Amiga for years, and was in pretty much the 
same situation -- 99% of the viruses flying around just didn't 
have any relevance to me.  But there are viruses for the Amiga, 
too, and lots of them; they just aren't as popular a platform, 
and virus writers follow platform popularity just like anyone 

So, Steve, does Dzur Mountain run Linux?

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