OT: everyone's favorite woman (was 'let's get it on)

Thu Feb 13 10:16:30 PST 2003

>(does that count as a 'snarky' comment?)

No!! Please!! Make it more snarky!! I have already embarrassed myself and 
dug myself into a whole (though it's not the first time)... someone needs to 
put me in my place, start making snarky comments and poking serious fun 
instead of being like all these boring men... I put out there something that 
is so very pompous, egotistical, and that is completely "airing my dirty 
laundry" so to speak, and what do I get?? To quote the part of John Lyden in 
Sid and Nancy "Boring, Boring, Boring Sidney"....I would do it to any of 
you... trust me I'm a smart-ass I would find it extremely amusing... hell I 
make fun of myself, I've already made fun of myself on this topic because no 
one else would :D

Thanks Valerie! :D :)

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