Firefly (was 'Re: Smothers Brothers')

Thu Feb 13 12:09:18 PST 2003

Sander wrote:
> Jose Marquez wrote:
> > I've managed to download a couple of episodes, but I don't want to watch
> > them until I get the pilot. Unfortunately, that seems to be the one
> > nobody has...
> It's pretty available in .ogm format (episodes 11 & 12).
> Also, make sure to get the real pilot, not the crappy pre-released one
> that only lasted 40 minutes (don't think that exists in .ogm, so if you
> see it in that format it should be good).
> Sander - who lives in the Netherlands, and loves the modern age for
> making it possible to still see the really good series that'll never
> ever show up here.

Ryan managed to get me the 1 hr 34 min divx version. Thanks, though.

Jose Marquez
jhereg69 at earthlink.net