Dragaeran memory

Thu Feb 13 14:20:28 PST 2003

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Andrew Lias wrote:

@> >As for the idea of the Dzur
@> >Mountain Storage Device I suggested previously, it's just a pet theory.
@> >I like it, but it has no more weight than any other theories regarding
@> >Dzur Mountain.
@> I'm personally fond of it because I'm a database administrator.  I can just 
@> picture Sethre deciding whether or not a particular set of memories should 
@> have a clustered index or not. :-)

Sethra closed her eyes, as if having trouble remembering.

SELECT DISTINCT a.name as from, b.name as to, isenemy.status
  FROM dzurmt.memory, dzurmt.isenemy, dzurmt.person a, dzurmt.person b
  WHERE a.id=isenemy.fromid
    AND b.id=isenemy.toid
    AND memory.id=isenemy.memoryid
    AND memory.time BETWEEN start(reign('Tortaalik')) AND start('Interregnum');

>FROM     TO                     STATUS
'Sethra' 'Adron'                'getting along'
'Sethra' 'Sorceress in Green'   'getting along'
'Adron'  'Sorceress in Green'   'not especially close'

Then she said, "We all got along in those days. Adron was never
especially close to the sorceress, though."