Fw: READ! (fwd)

Thu Feb 13 14:37:13 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 17:30, Ryan Grove wrote:
> circadian rhyme wrote:
> > Matthew Hunter writes:
> >   So, Steve, does Dzur Mountain run Linux?
> >   
> > Preposterous.  Dzur Mountain is probably running VM/CMS.  Maybe Multics.
> Bah, I'm certain Dzur Mountain runs OpenBSD. Zero remote vulnerabilities 
> in the default install since the Interregnum!

*laughs* I very seriously doubt it.  Sethra isn't the type to have Dzur
Mountain be unusable so that she can pretend[1] its secure.  She's more
the type to actually make it secure, then be content to know its secure
instead of trying to make everyone else think it is secure.

[1] OpenBSD's record has definately been broken, and I don't think it
was ever as shiny as they made it out to be.