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Randi128 at aol.com Randi128 at aol.com
Thu Feb 13 16:04:34 PST 2003

>Mathew hunter wrote:
>>The complaints I've heard focus less on the increase of sex and more
>>on the lack of Jean-Claude ( and the sex with him).

>I confess that I have been buying the HC up through the last new
>release-- but that was the first HC release, AND also the book
>that made me decide "not to Hardcover".

I am of the opinion that Ms. Hamilton should live out her sexual fantasies on 
her own time and get back to writing fast paced, action packed adventure. I 
have gone from -"Hardcover- absolute buy", to "check it out of the library". 
I'm sure that she still has a signifacant following, and that the new sexual 
storyline will have perverts lining up to buy her books, just not me. (Even 
though I'm a pervert, I prefer old fasioned porn , like Juggs and Bondage 
Biker Babes.)

John D. Batbato, OD